STOP Scratched Glass!


By Casey MacNiven



Due to an ever increasing demand for performance in the glass industry, manufacturers have many different types of glass to offer these days.  Whether its been coated to provide insulation, designed to be more energy efficient, heat treated for safety or laminated for strength, the increased performance capabilities and wide availability of options to the consumer has made it more important than ever to hire an educated contractor.

In short, cleaning windows improperly can lead to permanent noticeable blemishes on your windows.

Unfortunately, there are many contractors out there that do not know about this. Our own personal research has revealed that only 2/10 general contractors in Durango know about Fabrication Debris. With sub-contractors this number is even lower 2/20.

The reputation of the general contractor rides on the backs of every sub-contractor that steps onto their work site. However, it is the responsibility of all contractors to protect the integrity of your home. Only problem is they can’t protect when they don’t know how.

Here are some New Construction Tips for General Contractors:

  1. Inspect windows before installing. Remove all packaging. (Look for low-e coating showing, scratches, bowed glass, damages)
  2. Cover up and leave it this way until the very last day after everything else is finished including the final clean. Windows are last.

Here are some tips for home owners:

  1. When hiring contractors at your home ask them to cover your windows
  2. Discuss your concern for construction debris left on glass
  3. Hire a cleaning company that shares your concern for scratched glass
  4. Know which windows in your home are more suceptable to damage (Tempered, coated, tinted)


“Knowledge is power”

-Sir Francis Bacon


What Is Pure Water Window Cleaning?


By Casey MacNiven




When working we have had many people stop to ask us about Pure Water Window Cleaning.

Pure Water, is water which has been filtered to remove any dissolved solids/particles from the water. Tap water is full minerals which hinder your ability to wash with water alone without leaving, marks, spots and smears etc.

When we perform pure water window cleaning we scrub your window with a brush and agitate the dirt suspending it loose on the glass. We then follow up with a pure water rinse leaving nothing but pure water on the window.  When the water evaporates you have a clean window as it does not leave anything behind on the glass.  

Is pure water window cleaning Good or Bad?

Yes, when performed by a well trained technician pure water window cleaning works well. Pure water window cleaning has become the go to method of cleaning windows commercially on low-rise buildings. In many cases pure water window cleaner is safer and does a better job.

Traditional window cleaning can leave soap suds on the edges of the glass attracting dirt.  This may increase the re-soiling rate.  For long lasting cleans-Pure water window cleaning all the way.

We do not suggest pure water window cleaning be used for a first time clean.

Home owner advice

Homeowner Advice from a Window Cleaner

by Scott Blout 

Here at Squeegee Monkey, we acquire an in depth relationship working in and out of our customers homes. We come across a lot of scenarios that can affect the integrity of the home. Some of these scenarios can easily be avoided if proper precautions are taken and an awareness of what’s going on with your home. Squeegee Monkey can help out in more ways than keeping your glass transparent. Here’s a few tips and other ways The Monkey can help out in preserving condition of your home. 

Be Aware Glass can Scratch!

Whether you’re having a home built or getting maintenance cleanings on the home you live in, be conscious that cleaning windows improperly can lead to noticeable damages to the glass. Damaged glass translates into permanent visible blemishes, expensive restoration costs or replacing the glass all together. Modern glass can scratch easily. Fortunately, there are methods that don’t involve razors that can be use to remove residue. We would encourage you to open a dialogue with anyone who is working with your glass and the discuss the potential of scratched glass, especially if you are in the process of building a house or installing new windows where multiple outfits are around your glass. We have seen on multiple occasions brand new homes with brand new glass that have been scratched at some point in the construction and cleaning process. We don’t want to see this happen to anyone. 

– Contact the window manufacture to learn their policies regarding their glass conditions and potential for scratches.

– Know whose working with your glass and be sure they are aware of scratch-able glass like you are.

-Know which windows are tempered (Heat treated), have special coatings, have aftermarket tint

– Ask your contractors the tape and cover your windows 

– Call us 😉


Clean Windows Last

 Hold off on cleaning with windows until the very end, especially during construction or projects near glass. If you are preparing for an event in your home, also get the windows cleaned last. Landscaping, paint projects and power washing can undo a window cleaning quickly. Even house cleaners can kick up dust that can stick to a clean window. We leave homes as spotless as we find them. Have confidence that your window cleaner can leave your house without a trace.

Home owner advice

Why your window screens still look dirty after they’re cleaned.


By Casey MacNiven


You may be asking yourself…

Why do my screens still look dirty after I just paid to have them cleaned?

There could be more than one answer.

  1. They were not cleaned properly
  2. The protective coating has worn off allowing for dirt to penetrate and soil the fibers (Fiber Glass Screen Wire Only)

When fiber glass screen wire enters its life cycle it starts off with a protective coating.  After a couple years in the sun the coating wears away.  Your screen wire no longer has a sheen to it.

Dirt, bird droppings, concretions and excretions are free to penetrate your screen wire leaving it stained.

Ideally, if your coating is intact you would be able to rinse off your screens with a hose or simply wipe them with a towel to clean. Depending on the severity of your screen wire situation your screens may never look clean again.

There are a couple of suggestions we would like to make. Remove your screens in the late fall and store in a safe place.  Clean them before you store them then cover them with a sheet.  Storing your screens for winter will help in a number of ways.

  1. It will decrease the amount of time they spend in the sun and almost double their life expectancy
  2. It will decrease the amount of available concretions, excretions, and pollutions that can accrue in a year cycle
  3. It will ensure you have the best view possible entering winter
  4. It will let more light into your home during the time of year where daylight is scarce

How can I tell if my screen wire needs to be replaced?

  1. You have black screen wire thats turning white (screen wire fibers coming apart.)This is sun damage.
  2. Tears
  3. Still looks dirty after scrubbing with a brush and soap water
(Screen Repair in our shop.)

Replacing your screen wire is easy and inexpensive to do.  You can locate all the supplies at your local hardware store. Make sure you buy the right size spline.  Do not over tighten or you will hourglass your screen frame.

If you don’t want to do it yourself you can call Squeegee Monkey.

We have been fixing screens for years.

Simple re-wires cost anywhere from $20-50 depending on the size. This includes any needed hardware (Pull Tabs, Springs, Spline).

We also build new screens from scratch if the frame is destroyed.

This generally costs $45-75 depending on the size, hardware, and scope.


“Knowledge is power”

-Sir Francis Bacon


Home owner advice

Roof Snow Removal

 Written by Scott Blout    

Winters in the southwest corners are anything but consistent. This year we are experience more precipitation than years past. DON NOT get on your roof if winter conditions exist. It is extremely dangerous. Call the Monkey or your preferred experience snow remover.  The accumulation of snow on roofs can quickly deteriorate the condition of your roof and gutters leading to interior leakage, rotting wood, mold and structural damage. Squeegee Monkey is equipped and ready to help you maintain a clear roof.

Here are some things you can do to help yourself out: 


– Buy a telescopic roof rake,
These range from $50-$150. Investing in one these can help you to prevent ice dams from forming at the edge of your roof.

– Get a snow removal crew on retainer to show up before a large mass appears on your roof

– Make sure electrical heat tape is working properly before the season hits. Follow the manufactures suggestion for running heat tape. (Usually run on a timer during the warmest part of the day)













Window Cleaning As A Profession


By Scott Blout              

I’m going to give a little history about myself with Squeegee Monkey and why it’s a great gig. I started washing windows in 2013 when I was 23 living in Silverthorne, CO. I then moved to Durango CO for college and eventually linked with Casey MacNiven as Squeegee Monkey was just starting to take stride. After about a year and half of a fruitful working relationship, I decided to head west for a couple years. While living out west I worked for 4 window cleaning companies in Santa Clarita CA, San Diego CA and Salt Lake City, UT. As the gravitational force of Durangos allure became too great, I returned. Simultaneously,  Squeegee Monkey was in need of a supervisor. 

Now going on my 6th year of cleaning, it is needless to say that window cleaning has contributed immensely to my quality of life and well being and I’m grateful that this profession found me. Window cleaning is a profession that can positively shape a person. It is solid labor work that has high returns besides financial security. Here’s a few reason why being a window cleaner is a great way to make a living. If you know a friend, sibling or child that is looking for work, consider mentioning this;

– We work outside the majority of the time. For an outdoor person who likes to be in the sun it’s a huge draw. Also, Durango’s beauty is boundless. Every day we get to see it from a different angle. It’s humbling and an excellent place to call your office.

– Window Cleaning can kick your butt into shape. Window cleaning is physically demanding. We climb up and down big aluminum ladders and m
ove at diligent pace. Some days we work into the darkness. I find this attractive. I like rock climbing, snowboarding, trail running, yoga and all sorts of the physical activities. Window cleaning is great for the high energy types, outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. 

– The work does not have a dull moment. Window cleaning may seem monotonous and repetitive but we are actually confronted with a diversity of issues daily including, risk mitigation, evaluating which tools and tactics are optimal for every window, strategies to increase efficiency and quality. Every building is different.

– The coworkers and bosses are fun folks to work along side and create lasting friendships with. I am very fortunate to have worked along side and for a great group of guys with every company.  I maintain contact with most of the people I worked for and I’m grateful the time I spent with them. People care about those around them vertically and laterally. 

  You can cultivate incredible connections with customers. Sometime it’s easy to get lost in conversation and forget you’re on the clock. I look forward to seeing our repeat customers and meeting new folks. There’s a lot of kind hearted folks out there and a lot of people have fascinating stories or some wisdom to get you along. 

It’s a difficult task to think where I’d be if I never washed a window, nonetheless it has help me guide my life into a positive plane.


Winter Cleaning

Winter Cleaning

The one question a window cleaner in a ski town such as Durango will hear year after year is…

What do you do in the winter?

The answer…  We clean windows!

If you can play in the snow you can most definitely work!

There are tons of commercial customers such as restaurants, lawyers, salons, and other brick and mortar companies that have a reputation and image to maintain.  We also service quite a few residential customers who get their windows cleaned quarterly which includes one winter cleaning.

Winter window cleaning separates the pros from the amateurs.  It’s bone cold working with water in below freezing conditions and you have to know how to keep a window from freezing up on you.

This will be our second winter allowing our employee’s that want to work in these conditions to do so.  Not laying employee’s off over the winter breeds loyalty, respect, and comradely within our company while turning them into a year round window cleaning pro.

Many of us use this time to get organized, continue our education, attend window cleaning seminars and conventions, spend time with family, play in the snow, or take a vacation.  Even in the winter there is always work to be done… and windows still need to be cleaned.


Riverhouse Children’s Center

Giving Gifts To Riverhouse

Many of you may remember the mother’s day event we held this spring where we teamed up with other local business’s to give a wonderful gift to three deserving mom’s in Durango and Bayfield, Colorado (Click Here For The Story). On that day, we went to work for our community with a sense of pride and belonging,  creating memories and moments that will never be forgotten.

Quickly after we released the Mother’s Day Video we starting getting lots of positive feedback from people not only in Durango, but across the country. The words people were using to describe their experience after watching the video were adjectives like “touched, lifted, and inspired.” Some even shared intimate moments of inner healing and the courses of action they took after experiencing those feelings. That is this reason that we go to work for our community.

We live in a community that is constantly at work for us.  And if everyone would take a moment to show appreciation and gratitude for one another, then we will all start to feel better.

A few weekends ago we had the pleasure of doing some work for the Riverhouse Children’s Center.  The Riverhouse Children’s Center is an early education and development facility for young children of Durango.   Like any non-profit organization they must seek donations and support from their community in order to reach their full potential (Read More About Riverhouse/Donate).

We noticed via their Facebook page that they were looking for some help removing the old sand from their sandboxes and replacing it with new sand.  What an excellent opportunity to get back out into our community and lend a helping hand!  We hope you enjoy the video!