Winter Cleaning

Winter Cleaning

The one question a window cleaner in a ski town such as Durango will hear year after year is…

What do you do in the winter?

The answer…  We clean windows!

If you can play in the snow you can most definitely work!

There are tons of commercial customers such as restaurants, lawyers, salons, and other brick and mortar companies that have a reputation and image to maintain.  We also service quite a few residential customers who get their windows cleaned quarterly which includes one winter cleaning.

Winter window cleaning separates the pros from the amateurs.  It’s bone cold working with water in below freezing conditions and you have to know how to keep a window from freezing up on you.

This will be our second winter allowing our employee’s that want to work in these conditions to do so.  Not laying employee’s off over the winter breeds loyalty, respect, and comradely within our company while turning them into a year round window cleaning pro.

Many of us use this time to get organized, continue our education, attend window cleaning seminars and conventions, spend time with family, play in the snow, or take a vacation.  Even in the winter there is always work to be done… and windows still need to be cleaned.