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Why your window screens still look dirty after they’re cleaned.


By Casey MacNiven


You may be asking yourself…

Why do my screens still look dirty after I just paid to have them cleaned?

There could be more than one answer.

  1. They were not cleaned properly
  2. The protective coating has worn off allowing for dirt to penetrate and soil the fibers (Fiber Glass Screen Wire Only)

When fiber glass screen wire enters its life cycle it starts off with a protective coating.  After a couple years in the sun the coating wears away.  Your screen wire no longer has a sheen to it.

Dirt, bird droppings, concretions and excretions are free to penetrate your screen wire leaving it stained.

Ideally, if your coating is intact you would be able to rinse off your screens with a hose or simply wipe them with a towel to clean. Depending on the severity of your screen wire situation your screens may never look clean again.

There are a couple of suggestions we would like to make. Remove your screens in the late fall and store in a safe place.  Clean them before you store them then cover them with a sheet.  Storing your screens for winter will help in a number of ways.

  1. It will decrease the amount of time they spend in the sun and almost double their life expectancy
  2. It will decrease the amount of available concretions, excretions, and pollutions that can accrue in a year cycle
  3. It will ensure you have the best view possible entering winter
  4. It will let more light into your home during the time of year where daylight is scarce

How can I tell if my screen wire needs to be replaced?

  1. You have black screen wire thats turning white (screen wire fibers coming apart.)This is sun damage.
  2. Tears
  3. Still looks dirty after scrubbing with a brush and soap water
(Screen Repair in our shop.)

Replacing your screen wire is easy and inexpensive to do.  You can locate all the supplies at your local hardware store. Make sure you buy the right size spline.  Do not over tighten or you will hourglass your screen frame.

If you don’t want to do it yourself you can call Squeegee Monkey.

We have been fixing screens for years.

Simple re-wires cost anywhere from $20-50 depending on the size. This includes any needed hardware (Pull Tabs, Springs, Spline).

We also build new screens from scratch if the frame is destroyed.

This generally costs $45-75 depending on the size, hardware, and scope.


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-Sir Francis Bacon