Solar Panels

  • Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity and the more light that passes through the panels the more power they will generate.
  • Due to the angle of solar panels to the sky, they are more susceptible to bird droppings and dirt accumulation.

The projected/advertised performance from the manufacturer is based off of optimal conditions and clean solar panels.  Protect your investment and get the most return you can by keeping them clean!

Your Panels And Your Warranty.

Each manufacturer has a different warranty and you must read it carefully.  Please note their suggestions about how they must be cleaned, the frequency, and how it affects your warranty.

Many warranty agreements mention to avoid using a pressure washer or garden hose due to the mineral content of most home owners water. High mineral content water will leave deposits on the glass surface reducing its efficiency.  Many also say not to use steam or corrosive chemicals to facilitate the cleaning of modules.

This is why we us Pure Water Technology for cleaning solar panels.

Pure Water Technology!

Squeegee Monkey uses a series of filters to remove unwanted minerals and sediment from your water making it pure.  Then, we send it through a carbon fiber telescopic pole and hogs hair brush to scrub and clean your solar panels.  Since there are no dissolved solids in the water, your panels will dry without any spots.  This process has been referred to as “the future of window cleaning.”