Riverhouse Children’s Center

Giving Gifts To Riverhouse

Many of you may remember the mother’s day event we held this spring where we teamed up with other local business’s to give a wonderful gift to three deserving mom’s in Durango and Bayfield, Colorado (Click Here For The Story). On that day, we went to work for our community with a sense of pride and belonging,  creating memories and moments that will never be forgotten.

Quickly after we released the Mother’s Day Video we starting getting lots of positive feedback from people not only in Durango, but across the country. The words people were using to describe their experience after watching the video were adjectives like “touched, lifted, and inspired.” Some even shared intimate moments of inner healing and the courses of action they took after experiencing those feelings. That is this reason that we go to work for our community.

We live in a community that is constantly at work for us.  And if everyone would take a moment to show appreciation and gratitude for one another, then we will all start to feel better.

A few weekends ago we had the pleasure of doing some work for the Riverhouse Children’s Center.  The Riverhouse Children’s Center is an early education and development facility for young children of Durango.   Like any non-profit organization they must seek donations and support from their community in order to reach their full potential (Read More About Riverhouse/Donate).

We noticed via their Facebook page that they were looking for some help removing the old sand from their sandboxes and replacing it with new sand.  What an excellent opportunity to get back out into our community and lend a helping hand!  We hope you enjoy the video!