Home owner advice

Roof Snow Removal

 Written by Scott Blout    

Winters in the southwest corners are anything but consistent. This year we are experience more precipitation than years past. DON NOT get on your roof if winter conditions exist. It is extremely dangerous. Call the Monkey or your preferred experience snow remover.  The accumulation of snow on roofs can quickly deteriorate the condition of your roof and gutters leading to interior leakage, rotting wood, mold and structural damage. Squeegee Monkey is equipped and ready to help you maintain a clear roof.

Here are some things you can do to help yourself out: 


– Buy a telescopic roof rake,
These range from $50-$150. Investing in one these can help you to prevent ice dams from forming at the edge of your roof.

– Get a snow removal crew on retainer to show up before a large mass appears on your roof

– Make sure electrical heat tape is working properly before the season hits. Follow the manufactures suggestion for running heat tape. (Usually run on a timer during the warmest part of the day)