Bank of Colorado Clean Windows

“Casey and his crew have been cleaning the windows at my business for going on 2 years now! They show up as scheduled, get to work and don’t leave till I’m happy. They do an absolutely amazing job every time.”

Erik Maxson (Owner Of Brew Pub & Kitchen)

And for our commercial customers we have all the necessary equipment to clean them all.

  • small business store fronts
  • multi level apartment complexes w / loads of screens
  • low rise industrial buildings that require a man-lift or rope access

Clean windows are as important for your business as they are for ours.  A clean and neat presentation shows your customers and your employee’s that you take pride in your company and care about what people think.

Squeegee Monkey Window Washing uses a variety of methods to complete large projects in a timely manor.

  • In most cases, renting a man-lift is unnecessary.

Our Pure Water Cleaning System allows us to reach windows up to 60 feet high with our feet on the ground.  This method has been referred to the “future of window cleaning” by many in our industry.

In the right application using proper technique this method will consistently produce a spot and streak free result.

Benefits Of Pure Water Cleaning:

  • No Chemicals only 100% water
  • Safer than a ladder
  • More cost effective than renting man-lift
  • Privacy for your guests

Unless you have a tedious construction clean up project we should be able to use our water fed cart.

Cedar View Apartments: Durango, Colorado


“Excellent job and an excellent value!”

Jennifer L. (Yelp Review)

If you have a large complex with loads of screens then you will be happy to know that we carry a Screen Washing Machine with us at all times.  It produces a consistently cleaner result much quicker than many traditional methods.  We can even run screen doors through it!

Furthermore, if you need us to clean windows in high traffic areas we will be sure to bring barricades.

Our Services Include:

Interior / Exterior New Construction
Screen Cleaning/Repair High Dusting
Pressure Washing Gutter Cleaning
Reliable Year Round Scheduling Customized Cleaning Programs