Home owner advice

Homeowner Advice from a Window Cleaner

by Scott Blout 

Here at Squeegee Monkey, we acquire an in depth relationship working in and out of our customers homes. We come across a lot of scenarios that can affect the integrity of the home. Some of these scenarios can easily be avoided if proper precautions are taken and an awareness of what’s going on with your home. Squeegee Monkey can help out in more ways than keeping your glass transparent. Here’s a few tips and other ways The Monkey can help out in preserving condition of your home. 

Be Aware Glass can Scratch!

Whether you’re having a home built or getting maintenance cleanings on the home you live in, be conscious that cleaning windows improperly can lead to noticeable damages to the glass. Damaged glass translates into permanent visible blemishes, expensive restoration costs or replacing the glass all together. Modern glass can scratch easily. Fortunately, there are methods that don’t involve razors that can be use to remove residue. We would encourage you to open a dialogue with anyone who is working with your glass and the discuss the potential of scratched glass, especially if you are in the process of building a house or installing new windows where multiple outfits are around your glass. We have seen on multiple occasions brand new homes with brand new glass that have been scratched at some point in the construction and cleaning process. We don’t want to see this happen to anyone. 

– Contact the window manufacture to learn their policies regarding their glass conditions and potential for scratches.

– Know whose working with your glass and be sure they are aware of scratch-able glass like you are.

-Know which windows are tempered (Heat treated), have special coatings, have aftermarket tint

– Ask your contractors the tape and cover your windows 

– Call us 😉


Clean Windows Last

 Hold off on cleaning with windows until the very end, especially during construction or projects near glass. If you are preparing for an event in your home, also get the windows cleaned last. Landscaping, paint projects and power washing can undo a window cleaning quickly. Even house cleaners can kick up dust that can stick to a clean window. We leave homes as spotless as we find them. Have confidence that your window cleaner can leave your house without a trace.