Window Cleaning As A Profession


By Scott Blout              

I’m going to give a little history about myself with Squeegee Monkey and why it’s a great gig. I started washing windows in 2013 when I was 23 living in Silverthorne, CO. I then moved to Durango CO for college and eventually linked with Casey MacNiven as Squeegee Monkey was just starting to take stride. After about a year and half of a fruitful working relationship, I decided to head west for a couple years. While living out west I worked for 4 window cleaning companies in Santa Clarita CA, San Diego CA and Salt Lake City, UT. As the gravitational force of Durangos allure became too great, I returned. Simultaneously,  Squeegee Monkey was in need of a supervisor. 

Now going on my 6th year of cleaning, it is needless to say that window cleaning has contributed immensely to my quality of life and well being and I’m grateful that this profession found me. Window cleaning is a profession that can positively shape a person. It is solid labor work that has high returns besides financial security. Here’s a few reason why being a window cleaner is a great way to make a living. If you know a friend, sibling or child that is looking for work, consider mentioning this;

– We work outside the majority of the time. For an outdoor person who likes to be in the sun it’s a huge draw. Also, Durango’s beauty is boundless. Every day we get to see it from a different angle. It’s humbling and an excellent place to call your office.

– Window Cleaning can kick your butt into shape. Window cleaning is physically demanding. We climb up and down big aluminum ladders and m
ove at diligent pace. Some days we work into the darkness. I find this attractive. I like rock climbing, snowboarding, trail running, yoga and all sorts of the physical activities. Window cleaning is great for the high energy types, outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. 

– The work does not have a dull moment. Window cleaning may seem monotonous and repetitive but we are actually confronted with a diversity of issues daily including, risk mitigation, evaluating which tools and tactics are optimal for every window, strategies to increase efficiency and quality. Every building is different.

– The coworkers and bosses are fun folks to work along side and create lasting friendships with. I am very fortunate to have worked along side and for a great group of guys with every company.  I maintain contact with most of the people I worked for and I’m grateful the time I spent with them. People care about those around them vertically and laterally. 

  You can cultivate incredible connections with customers. Sometime it’s easy to get lost in conversation and forget you’re on the clock. I look forward to seeing our repeat customers and meeting new folks. There’s a lot of kind hearted folks out there and a lot of people have fascinating stories or some wisdom to get you along. 

It’s a difficult task to think where I’d be if I never washed a window, nonetheless it has help me guide my life into a positive plane.