What Is Pure Water Window Cleaning?


By Casey MacNiven




When working we have had many people stop to ask us about Pure Water Window Cleaning.

Pure Water, is water which has been filtered to remove any dissolved solids/particles from the water. Tap water is full minerals which hinder your ability to wash with water alone without leaving, marks, spots and smears etc.

When we perform pure water window cleaning we scrub your window with a brush and agitate the dirt suspending it loose on the glass. We then follow up with a pure water rinse leaving nothing but pure water on the window.  When the water evaporates you have a clean window as it does not leave anything behind on the glass.  

Is pure water window cleaning Good or Bad?

Yes, when performed by a well trained technician pure water window cleaning works well. Pure water window cleaning has become the go to method of cleaning windows commercially on low-rise buildings. In many cases pure water window cleaner is safer and does a better job.

Traditional window cleaning can leave soap suds on the edges of the glass attracting dirt.  This may increase the re-soiling rate.  For long lasting cleans-Pure water window cleaning all the way.

We do not suggest pure water window cleaning be used for a first time clean.