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Construction Cleanup

Due to an ever increasing demand for performance in the glass industry, fabricators have many different types of glass to offer these days.  Whether its been coated to provide insulation, designed to be more energy efficient, heat treated or laminated for strength, the increased performance capabilities and wide availability of options to the consumer has made it more important than ever to hire an educated contractor.

We have made a commitment to understanding the different types of glass and how they react.  If we are ever unsure, as new products become available to the market daily we will contact the manufacturer for their reccomendation.

For Builder's

Fabrication Debris

Razors have been used by the window cleaning, glass, and construction industries for many years. Razors, won’t scratch uncoated glass when properly used.  They have long been the tool of choice and most practical method for removal of debris such as paint, adhesives, and stickers on uncoated glass.

That being said, scratched tempered glass has become a crucial issue for the window cleaning industry.  It has come to the attention of professional window cleaners and the glass fabrication industry that the cause of this problem is a microscopic glass defect called fabricating debris.

Fabricating debris are made up of tiny glass chips and dust that get baked onto the surface of some tempered glass.  This is a quality control issue from the factory that may create scratches during the window cleaning process. It is important to test the glass for fabricating debris prior to installation or choose a fabricator that checks for fines as part of their quality control program.