Rain Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions About Rain

What if it rains the day of my service?

If you notice any dirty water spots the day after a window cleaning we will return to clean the affected windows free of charge!

It is our company policy to complete a scheduled job if it is raining. If there is a light rain we will continue as scheduled because rain does not affect the cleaning.

In the event of heavy rain or high winds, we will return within 48 hours to complete the exterior work. The interior windows will be completed as scheduled as not to disrupt your schedule.

Doesn’t rain make my windows dirty?

The short answer:


The Long Answer:

Dirt makes your windows dirty not rain. Dust from lawnmowers, street cleaning trucks, pollen, exhaust, and many other sources are all being blown around by the wind. These contaminants leave a nice even layer thats hardly noticeable on the glass. Rain drops relocate the dirt around your window and after the rain evaporates the dirt remains on the glass. This residue is now very visible because it’s been spread over the window coming to rest in a more concentrated state where the rain last evaporated from the glass (Spotting). Clean windows remain clean after the rain because once the water evaporates there is no dirt left behind to spoil your view.

Pure Water Window Cleaning

In fact, there are many window cleaners out there who collect rain water and use it to clean windows.  They tote it around everywhere they go, pump it out of a tank in the back of their van through a water fed pole and hogs hair brush.  After they have agitated the glass with the brush and got all the dirt loose they then rinse it with the pure rain water and let it dry.

We occasionally use a process similar to this where we use Reverse Osmosis and De-Ionization filters to remove dissolved solids from your tap water to create pure water.